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OSL Forum Help

Written by Br. "Rog" Baker. Posted in static

Ok, you need help. Let's see what I can say.

First, this is a private forum. You, as a member, can subscribe to any thread via email or RSS, but you're expected to keep the contents private. This is not the cyber chapter. Everyone here is a vowed member of the Order. That means we can discuss things and perhaps vote on things that are necessarily kept "within the family" of the Order.

The board is pretty straight-forward.

You can start a topic any time.

"Announcements" come from the web scribe (Br. Rog) or from the General Council.

There are a lot of available tiny smiley-face icons. Let your cursor "hover" over the icon you want and a helpful tip will appear telling you the code you must type to make that icon appear in your message.

If you're just stick, call Br. Rog at 571-268-2887 or email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .