Abbot's Welcome

Written by Br. Dan Benedict, OSL. Posted in static

dan benedictWelcome to the Order's web site. There's a lot going on here!

For you who are visiting to discover more about who we are and what we do, try clicking the links above under "Who We Are." In short, we're a dispersed ecumenical religious order related to the United Methodist Church, though many of our sisters and brothers are Lutheran, Episcopalian, Baptist, and other traditions. Our focus is on sacramental and liturgical scholarship and practice. We're an international order, though right now the majority of the Order reside in the United States. We've been around for over sixty years, and we're growing.

For students and seminarians, you'll find a wealth of material covering liturgy and sacramental theology, particularly from a Lukan and Methodist point of view. The order's publishing house, OSL Publications, maintains a storefront on this web site. You can order books directly from this site and pay through any major credit card via PayPal. Try the links under "Publications" and maybe check out the "Daily Office," too. We also have a good set of RSS feeds from the major Christian denominations, as a large, growing set of links to resources for the study and development of theology from a variety of Christian perspectives.

If you're interested in lively debate and keen insight into liturgy and sacramental theology and spirituality from a wide variety of viewpoints, definitely consider becoming a member of the "Cyber Chapter." There's no commitment other than getting to read lively dialog and occasionally debates between pew and pulpit, academia and church, and all stops in between.

For members of the Order, you'll discover that this web site is now a portal into all the workings of the Order. In the future, we hope to empower you to make your retreat reservations, reaffirm your vows, and even connect to the CyberChapter through this web site. For now, we're taking small steps. You can use the old web site password, or if you're more adventurous, you can get your own personal login to get into the cloistered areas (members only) of the web site. Beads and Baubles are available without logging in. We'd also like to get links to things you find interesting, or perhaps even to your own blogs.

Welcome! We're glad you found us!

Br. Daniel Bemedict, OSL