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Provincial General's Report to the Council

Written by Br. George Crisp.

The following was presented by Provincial General Br. George R. Crisp during the Council session on Wednesday, May 19, 2011.  

One new OSL group was formed last fall, and the Southwest Iowa Association was chartered on October 25, 2010.Brs.Jack D. Hofmockel and Kenneth J. Schlote meet every month (sometimes more) for prayers and support.

Four OSL groups have come to an end and I recommend they be discontinued:(1) Br. Evan Dodge reports that has not been OSL activity at Drew Theological Seminary.This has been the situation for more than two years.(2) The Holy Cross Chapter (Kansas) has not had an active chapter for some time (2+ years?); the chapter was suspended last year.

(3) Br. Christopher Eshelman reports that the is defunct and not planning to elect officers for the next year, due to the new forms of spiritual formation taking place on campus.(4) Due to unresponsiveness from Br. Emilo Muller, I plan to discontinue tracking formation efforts of the Cal-Pac Castilian group. (The Council unanimously affirmed Br. George's recommendation and the above groups have been discontinued, with a prayer that God will inspire new gatherings in these locations after a period of rest.)

With the discontinuation of the Drew and St. Paul seminary chapters (see above), we are left with only one active seminary chapter, the Perkins Seminary Chapter. The status of the Dwight Vogel Chapter (at GETS) and St. Benedict Chapter at Candler is unknown. Both have reported being inactive within the last year. The Middle Tennessee Association continues to be a suspended chapter and is slated to be on the discontinuation list next fall.

There are several groups in formation as of this report: (1) the Arkansas Chapter, under the leadership of Br. Terry Sager; (2) an OSL interest group in Pittsburgh is being led by Br. David Eichelberger.Two additional groups are either reforming or reorganizing; (3) the Boston University Chapter, led by Br. Jeffrey Cox and (4) the Louisiana Chapter, led by Br. Stephen Fife. (5) In March, we received an inquiry about the Order from Sao Paulo, Brazil, but we have not yet received notice of any formal organization of an OSL chapter. (6) We have received several new members from the Philippines, but there has been no formal organization of on OSL chapter.(For the record, the former Philippines Association was discontinued last October.)

The following process is used to track chapter transitions:

Reorganizing – When one of the bi-annual chapter reports indicates a chapter is in trouble, list that chapter as “reorganizing” for one report cycle (October or May);

Suspended – If there are no successful efforts to re-energize or regroup the chapter, list that group as being “suspended” for one year;

Discontinue – Should the chapter remain inactive after one year, the Council will take a vote on the discontinuance of the chapter.

Reinstatement – When a chapter reactivates, its members can petition the Council for reinstatement per our Constitution.