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NOTE: The website is under renovation. Currently many pages and functions are not available or functional. We appreciate your patience.   

How to "Friend" on the OSL Web Site

Okay, we have a more "connectional" web site, but how do we use it? First quick tip: you can "friend" someone in the Order who keeps an account on our web site. of course, you can "friend" them on Facebook too (if you both have a Facebook account) but this feature on our web site is strictly within the community. It's personal, private, familial.

To "friend" a sibling, first login with your personal username and password. If you don't have a personal username for the web site, contact the  the webscribe to get one.  Next, look for the sibling you want to "friend" by using the "Show/Find Members" selection from the user menu on the left-hand side. You can search for the member by clicking on "Search Users" (it's in the upper right-hand corner of the tan-colored area.) Once you find the sibling you want to connect to, click on their name. You'll be taken to their profile page where you'll see their photo (if they've uploaded a photo.)  Above their picture are four buttons. The far right-hand button is labelled "Connections." Click this button and "Request a connection." Connections are what our system calls "friends" in Facbook parlance.

Why should you "friend" someone? It's convenient to have quick access to members of your chapter, or your prior, or the General Officers.



Looking ahead - October 2012 Retreat

Registration information for our 2012 retreat will be posted in coming months.  In the meantime, reserve the dates of October 15-19 on your calandars and plan to come to Pittsburgh. 

We will be celebrating the publication of our new Book of Offices and Services.


Provincial General's Report to the Council

The following was presented by Provincial General Br. George R. Crisp during the Council session on Wednesday, May 19, 2011.  

One new OSL group was formed last fall, and the Southwest Iowa Association was chartered on October 25, 2010.Brs.Jack D. Hofmockel and Kenneth J. Schlote meet every month (sometimes more) for prayers and support.

Four OSL groups have come to an end and I recommend they be discontinued:(1) Br. Evan Dodge reports that has not been OSL activity at Drew Theological Seminary.This has been the situation for more than two years.(2) The Holy Cross Chapter (Kansas) has not had an active chapter for some time (2+ years?); the chapter was suspended last year.


Abbot's Welcome

dan benedictWelcome to the Order's web site. There's a lot going on here!

For you who are visiting to discover more about who we are and what we do, try clicking the links above under "Who We Are." In short, we're a dispersed ecumenical religious order related to the United Methodist Church, though many of our sisters and brothers are Lutheran, Episcopalian, Baptist, and other traditions. Our focus is on sacramental and liturgical scholarship and practice. We're an international order, though right now the majority of the Order reside in the United States. We've been around for over sixty years, and we're growing.


Updated Directories Available!

Siblings, you'll be glad to hear the Br. Scott Alford, our Chancellor General, has completed the laborious process of creating new directories for our use. Login and you'll find them in our archives under Reports and Directories. The latest directories are dated June 2011.

Many thanks to Br. Scott for tackling this daunting task!


Web Site Adds "Wall" Feature

The OSL website has a new feature for members: a Facebook-style "wall" where members can privately send messages, files, videos, etc., to one another. The purpose behind this feature is to provide a fast & easy way for members to collaborate and share information and thoughts.

Like the new forum, the wall area is open and visible only to vowed members of the Order.

The wall also contains a photo of the member (please upload your own photo, head shot preferred) as well as the basic location information currently on file in the web site's database. Like Facebook, you can "friend" other members of the Order. To view your wall, sign-in and click on "My Wall" from the left-hand user menu, or click on "WALL" when editing your personal profile.